About us


News & Gifts on Banna is located on the top block on the main street of town name Griffith in NSW. Current owners Pinkal & Lally took over the business back in 2016. Over the span of 4 years, Lally & Pinkal have noticed the town of Griffith continue to change and evolve.

The one unique thing that sets News & Gifts on Banna apart from other businesses is the fact that they aren’t ‘just a newsagent.’ The business also stocks a huge range of gifts, catering to all tastes.

News & Gifts on Banna has been trading since 01/07/2019. Griffith Newsagency has been merged to News & Gifts on Banna on 01/03/2020 so as to serve the community of Griffith in a broader way. Griffith Newsagency has been into Griffith since 1923. Pinkal & Lally purchased the top block newsagency so they could expand their gift offerings into the new area. They now class themselves as a newsagency and gift store. 

Pinkal & Lally believes that Griffith is a striving town with many positive opportunities in the years ahead.